Awakening to Your True Divine Nature  you discover the Safe Home that is Love awaiting you in Your Heart.. .. then all struggle, fear and suffering become a thing of the past – permanently….

 and you are free…


We offer Life-Transforming private Maui Retreats and Sessions for Women, Men, Couples and Small Groups.

What You Will Gain:

 Profound inner shift which opens your heart  to   loving, supporting and celebrating EVERY aspect of who you are without judgement or limitation.

 Renewed energy, emotional and spiritual balance, and passion for life

Freedom from shame, guilt and limiting patterns 

Reconnection with your sexual-spiritual nature

Enriched and  meaningful connection with yourself and others

Clarity about your life, its purpose and direction

Effective tools to consciously create the life you want

Reclaiming of your inner peace and your joyful heart – consistently

Reach Your Highest Potential

We are all Love, and Love is the healer for all that  mascarades as non-Love.  This universal spiritual truth is the vibrantly alive fabric that informs and radiates through all of the offerings of Divinely Alive, no matter which modality or aspect.  In an atmosphere of non-judgementalness, honoring, love and acceptance, we provide the safe container and the avenues and pathways that invite and guide you through your own unique journey toward opening to the Love that you are.  As you surrender into Love, so you come to open fully and joyfully to life around and within you,  to the experience you have come into the world to embrace and to embody your highest human potential.


Tantra    Sound Healing     Sacred Journeys    Conscious Ascension    Shamanic Lightwork

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I was on the verge of a breakthrough, yet knew there was some resistance – due to your passion and strength of holding safe space I was able to dive in and release. I do so appreciate your channel of divine through out the process – also very powerful and helped me to go deeper. Deep gratitude for your loving compassion, authenticity and integrity. — PC
Sophianada’s skill and integrity and loving delivery of intuitive insights offered me the chance to understand long and deeply-held energies and patterns within in a new and more life-enhancing way. I experienced a deep release and healing, from any lifetimes including this one. I carried with me form our session a deep gratitude to Sophianada and a feeling a hopefulness and joyful anticipation of my days ahead. — DS
I have just finished what is without doubt the most amazing three days of my life on a beautiful retreat with Goddess Sophianada. I feel like I went away and came back a new person. I would not have believed the changes were possible. I felt adrift on the sea, bouts of hopelessness, depression. I feel a lot more light, like I have been cleared out. This is the next level, beyond the struggle.
Dear Sophianada, thank you for my widening heart, for helping me to open more to the divine light. The gift you gave me in guiding me how to love myself more deeply and fully will be with me for the rest of my life. This retreat with you has truly changed my life and helped to awaken me to my purpose in this life. — HC
Sophianada guided me with great skill and love to reunite with my beautiful inner child, long neglected. In her loving presence I felt such trust in her that I was able to find the courage at last to go in and feel the hurt places. I returned to the outer world with the wonderful knowing that I will never be the same again as a result of entering the inner sanctum of the precious sacred heart - this and much more is what the experience facilitated by Sophianada gives. — D D
My time with Sophianada created a deep and lasting breakthrough. She was able to help me heal a core wound which had been blocking me my whole life.” . I’m remembering my inner child every day; he’s part of my life now. — A O
In her humble service she delivers the goods. She gently guides, encourages and empowers. She is the genuine article, a true master. The changes I am experiencing in my life on an inner and outer level after my weekend retreat with Sophianada I find nothing short of miraculous. Sophianada is the genuine article. I highly recommend her to anyone ready for transformation big-time! — DD
You are strong, authentic and pure. I can trust you and that means I can let go and surrender in my sessions with you. Then the release and healing takes place. I feel I have changed for the better out of all recognition through my work with you and I cant thank you enough. — Anon
In the depth I felt her loving presence and found the courage to let go, honor and heal what no longer served me. I would encourage all who want to be free from beliefs that inhibit their evolution to seek out her loving gentle spirit and come once again into their own power. — LC
Sophianada’s unwavering tenderness keeps me feeling safe while opening so deeply and I always feel honored and validated. I am so grateful for S and the unique and gifted work she does. She is a very special person and is unmatched in providing a special service that is a key component to my healing and transformative process. — A B
She was Isis, Bugal, Kuan-Yin, the Earth Mother – all in a beautiful human woman form. We were both so comfortable and safe in her wise and loving presence. Thank you for this preious, gorgeous gift you have given us. Blessed Be. — E and M
Your ability to be so incredibly present and loving and welcoming of everything that I came up with, both positive and negative, created a space for that allowing and brought me to a very deep level of opening and a tremendous deepening has happened in me after this weekend. What an amazing gift. How can I thank you enough? — HP
Sophianada is an exceptionally gifted healer. She has great compassion and unconditional acceptance for whatever arises in the healing process. She has the ability to see through to the core of an issue, then to very rapidly open up a pathway for profound healing. I recommend her services to anyone who is looking for a breakthrough on their healing journey. — Andrew Oser, Summit Coaching Services
The experience of working with Sophianada with my partner was truly beautiful. She showed us helpful techniques for freeing energy blockages and feeling our inner expansiveness. We learned practices that were eye-opening and incredibly empowering. As a woman, I felt completely comfortable in S capable hands. — E and M
Sophianada works at the heart and soul level of the individual where she lovingly and gently guides one into the core of their issues with her highly intuitive nature. S offers a safe and sacred atmosphere to be able to heal and move through even the most difficult of places. I found her work to be profound, deep and transformative. — VS
I am so grateful to you for your ability to be present with whatever is happening, for creating a vibrant and light-filled, safe sacred space, and for welcoming me – whatever I am and reassuring me it is ‘just right’. My heart is filled with gratitude for you. I had only dreamed this much joy is possible. Now I am living it. — HC
I just received another healing with Sophianada and am feeling so full and complete. Her powerful and gentle spirit guided me into such a loving and safe space that I was able to go deeply into long held beliefs that were not serving my highest good and evolution. Through her intuitive awareness she knew how to get to the heart of the matter at its deepest level and then take me even deeper. — L T